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How to Hide Chat in Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most trending and distinguished apps of social media, developed by the Meta Platform. Anything and everything can be easily shared, discussed, flaunted, and goes viral on the Instagram app.

In 2012 this social media application was acquired by Facebook.

Instagram is also known as a free photo and video sharing app available on iPhone and Android phones. It has got enormous variety of content and entertainment to fetch millions of app users. Instagram app is absolutely free and that makes it more popular.

The type of content through photos and videos on Instagram is so engrossing that the users many a time so not realize it is addictive.

This app very easily helps people edit and share photos and small videos for entertainment and information. Just like other social media platforms, Instagram users can like, comment, bookmark, and share others posts.


The visibility, reach, and searchability of Instagram posts and videos depend on the hashtags and geotags that you put. These tags help people search for the right posts and videos of their interests. Instagram reels and feeds indeed help you reach the right audience, also depends on the quality of the content.

You can have one to a million followers on Instagram, you can keep your account private, public, or professional on Instagram.

The major aim of this massive social media application is to deliver astounding digital content, promote digital marketing, and give wings to colossal small businesses.

They say that the right content on Instagram certainly fetches you the right followers and helps amplify your business.

From amateur writers to prolific social media influencers, from small business owners to movie superstars, everyone is trying to make their visible impact on Instagram to increase their number of followers and gain more popularity, visibility, business, etc.

How to create an Instagram account and username?

It is an easy but a little lengthy process to open an Instagram account –

  1. Download the Instagram app on your phone
  2. Now open the Instagram app – It looks like a white camera on a multi-colored background.
  3. Tap on ‘Sign-up’ at the bottom of the screen next to ‘Don’t have an account?’
  4. Enter your mobile number or email ID and tap NEXT, in this way you will have to verify your account using the provided information.
  5. Enter the confirmation code sent to you by Instagram on your mobile number or email id (if you haven’t received the code, tap on resend the confirmation code).
  6. Tap NEXT
  7. Enter your name – you can enter either your first name or last name or a display name.
  8. Create a password to keep your Instagram account secure. Save password.
  9. Enter your birthday scrolling up and down.
  10. Create a username ( please note that usernames can be changed later ). Usernames can contain Roman letters A-Z, numbers, underscores, and periods. If a certain username is not available you will see an X along with USERNAME NOT AVAILABLE and if the username is available you will see a green check mark.

You can even link your Instagram account with your Facebook account and post simultaneously to save time. Also, not just one, but many accounts could be added to your Instagram handle and you can keep switching your accounts/profile for easy access.

How to make money from Instagram?

  1. You can use your Instagram account to promote all kinds of products from different brands and be a social media influencer by creating sponsored posts for various brands.
  2. You can do affiliate marketing and conduct affiliate programs through Instagram.
  3. Be a digital marketer
  4. You can sell virtual products
  5. Earn through Live Badges

Optimize your Instagram account to get more followers and earn money.

Apart from Instagram being a digital marketing, and digital media space, it is also a very basic amd and more popular app for chatting. People prefer using the Instagram app for chatting because of its ease and convenience.

Also, Instagram does have many privacy settings for chatting which allows the user to keep their chats safe or hidden.

How to hide chat in Instagram?

how to hide chat in instagram isn’t a big issue, usually the user wants to hide the chat because they don’t want anybody to access their conversation.

So when you ask how to hide the chat in Instagram? Let us tell you that Instagram doesn’t have any such particular feature to hide chat in Instagram.

But we can always try other easy methods to learn about how to hide someone’s chat in Instagram –

  1. You can install Locker for insta social app on your phone from the Play Store.
  2. Open the Instagram app and set a 4-digit code to secure your chats
  3. Use vanish mode while chatting on Instagram – Vanish mode is kind of a private chat mode so whenever you chat, the chatting from both sides won’t be saved if Vanish mode is on ( so that you don’t require to hide your chats )

All these ways are helpful in getting answers on how to hide chat in Instagram with password as well.

Please do try and let us know if we were enough helpful!

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