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How to Unlock Voltas AC Remote

Have you ever faced this relatable issue at your end? And did you get the easy solution to it?

Having notorious toddlers at home eventually gets many of your electronics to cease or hang up. The same thing happened when suddenly we noticed that our children have locked our voltas Ac remote and now our major task was how to unlock AC remote of the voltas AC in our bedroom.

Has this ever happened to you, and you found yourself stuck and dumbfounded?

You need not worry because AC remotes usually get locked or you lock it and forget. But one thing that we all must know is that it is very easy to understand how to unlock voltas ac remote  these days.

Following simple guidelines or steps you could now know how to unlock voltas ac remote instantly.

Then remember, there is nothing unusual or too risky if the voltas AC remote is found locked by your kids or by yourself.

Initially, we found it a task how to unlock the Voltas AC remote the first time, but after following a few manual steps, we came to a rescue.

I would like to be helpful by sharing the steps to unlock the remote of Voltas AC.

Here’s how you can unlock your voltas AC remote by following the below steps –

If your voltas AC remote is locked, then you have to look for the lock sign present on the display of your voltas AC remote, which needs to be reversed, in order to unlock the Voltas AC remote.

This lock is often called a ‘child lock’.

  1. Hold the ‘mode’ and ‘minus’ or the temperature buttons on the Voltas AC Remote simultaneously, you have to hold these corresponding signs for 3-5 seconds.
  2. When you press these two buttons simultaneously, the ‘E’ symbol on the Voltas AC remote should not be there now.
  3. That’s how you get to know that your Voltas AC remote is unlocked now and you can use it.
  4. If you still find the E symbol visible, you could kindly change the batteries of the Voltas AC remote, because there might be a persistent issue with the AC remote batteries, and changing the batteries would certainly help.

That’s how easy it is to unlock the Voltas AC remote,  and now that you have unlocked the Voltas AC remote, you can use it safely and easily.

Thus, the next time you find yourself stuck as to how to unlock remote of Voltas AC, you can check our blogs and these easy steps to unlock AC remote of Voltas company.

Please note, that there is no big science behind unlocking the AC remotes, it just requires following a few mindful, easy steps.

We are sure that we have made it easy and clear for you to unlock the Voltas AC remote by now.

Let us know if you find this helpful, we would be more than glad to help you further with such useful steps and procedures.

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