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Listen to Target’s surrounding with OgyMogy Live Listen Android

Live listen android is an amazing feature in which mobile or android device functions as a microphone and the optional user can monitor and listen the live conversations. Moreover, these conversations can be recorded, saved, and shared by the user. You can listen to the surroundings of a targeted person this way. OgyMogy provides this live listen feature for android devices, through which you can monitor your kid’s whereabouts very easily. Parents have this insecurity all the time that if their kids are involved talking to strangers that may harm them in the future. Through this amazing software, parents can listen to the live surroundings of kids on android phones and can monitor them directly without any worry. This feature also implies employees working in the firm. Owners of big firms and organizations can use it to listen to the chit-chat behind their back and also the live situation of an office environment. Plus, they can also observe through surroundings that whether employees are working honestly or wasting their time. If any of your employees are plotting against your firm, then now you will know about them. Let’s discuss some most important and amazing features of OgyMogy live listening in detail.

1. Listen to Live Conversation of Your Kid and Employee

With the help of this amazing software get live listening on android devices of your kid and employee. This surprising mobile tracker feature can provide you with all the live happenings of the surrounding of the targeted device, whether it’s your child college or university or your employee at the office. You can now protect your kids and get the report of dishonest employees very easily.

2. OgyMogy Web Portal

This amazing feature processes in a way that microphone of the targeted device is connected to the web control panel of OgyMogy and that surrounded conversations that have listened can be shared to different sources and can be processed according to your need. In the case of kids, let’s assume they are at a party but they can get late due to certain reasons, maybe the party didn’t start on time. So, by this wonderful feature, you can listen to their surroundings and happenings live. This way you can protect your kid in any accidental situation.

3. Track the Disloyal Employee

Disloyalty has no boundaries. A person at a workplace can be dishonest due to various reasons. Regardless of those reasons, one has to be committed and dedicated about their work. So, if someone is unfaithful to your business corporation, you can know about them. You can get information about the evil plans they make to destroy the reputation of your organization. If one of the employees is characterless and trying to manipulate things or harassing some other employee, you can catch them live and take strict actions against them or even fire them.

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4. Live Streaming Of Calls and Messages

In the case of kids, this outstanding software provides you the live streaming of their calls and text messages. As soon as they are getting calls, you will be able to listen to them and read their text messages as soon as they receive them. This way you can keep an eye that they are not talking to strangers. In the case of employees, you can have a strict check on them if they are wasting office hours in calling and texting their friends and family without any need or concern. If any of them is giving threats to someone, who is also an office employee, you can ask them strictly for this behavior.

5. Get to Know about Your Kid’s Plan

Maybe your kids are secretly accompanying friends or even strangers and you want to get the live updates of that event. Also, you want to make sure that they are safe in the company. With the help of live listen android, you can get to know every news and update of their plan you need. You cannot be their shadow everywhere. Your physical presence in every situation is impossible. But with this superb tool, you can listen to their surroundings and thus react timely in need.

Other features like camera bug, GPS location tracking, access to the photos folder and more can help the user in keeping a strict eye on the target.

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