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Makkhi Movie – Movie Cast Minus Kanjus Makkhi Chus Movie

Are you looking forward to enjoying some different type of comedy drama? If yes, then Makkhi movie is definitely going to tickle you badly. The combination of storytelling and humor with a unique twist delivers the best cinematic Experience to the watchers. Makkhi full movie is already available over many OTT platforms. The movie is a must watch with friends and family for all. This one has got very neat scenes and clear editing. The plotting of the movie revolves around The very miser Jamuna Prasad whose role is played by none other than the very talented Kunal Khemu. Kunal has shown his very talented side this time and has done complete justice to the whole movie. You would not stop laughing while watching the entire comedy bonanza.

Kanjoos Makkhi chuse movie OTT film review

The film is a combination of humour, realism and creativity. Based on a real incident, the story includes a middle-class family whose son – Jamuna Pandey is a very well-known miser. He spends his entire life saving money for his parents’ pilgrim Char Dham tour. After sending them to the holy place, havoc falls and they go missing. The rest of the story revolves around several drama twists and a very neatly presented comedian construction. Now, this movie is something that everybody can watch with the whole family.

Makkhi movie hero name Kunal Khemu has shown the innocence of rural places. He plays the character of an obedient son who initially acts very miser and then eventually turns into a great human. The whole story is rather very well presented and interesting to watch. Surprisingly, Kunaal has acted even better this time by delivering delightful punches and enlightening humor.

Who is the cast crew of kanjoos makkhi choos movie?

Makkhi movie cast includes i’m not Prasad Pandey as Kunal Khemu. Shweta Tripathi as Madhuri Pandey who plays the role of kunal Khemu’s wife. Piyush Mishra has Ganga Prasad Pandey Who plays the role of Jamuna Prasad Pandey‘s father and Alka Amin as Saraswati Pandey who plays the role of the mother. Then there are Side cast that include Rajiv Gupta. hema Singh, Alice Nathani and The supremely talented Raju Srivastava of course.

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Kanjoos Makkhi choose movie OTT

Makkhi movie release date was 24rd of March 2023. Currently, the movie is available to watch and download on the leading OTT platforms and YouTube. The top five providers for the movie are Netflix Apple TV Apple plus Crunchyroll and YouTube. Makkhi movie download is absolutely free for all the Viewers. One of the best comedy Hindi movies released in 2023, the story line is completely engaging throughout. The initial 10 minutes just do not relate with the title but as the movie plots,  one can find one after the other twist that are very pleasing to watch.

Kanjus Makkhi chus movie download cast crew is very talented and gives fears fierce performance. The story of Jamuna Prasad who keeps on saving money so that his parents could go for char Dham yatra pilgrimage turns into a nightmare when His parents get lost. The whole movie create a perfect balance between humor and struggles. The overall plotting is done very well and the cast crew has contributed much to the success of the whole comedy film. The performances are noteworthy and there is no element as forced humor.

Kanjus Makkhi full movie download 720p in hindi is available on YouTube. The famous movie was released back in 2023 march and had a very engaging storyline. makkhi movie box office collection can be found online. The Box office collection of the movie is 429 crores.

Makkhi movie hit or flop – if you ask this question to us, we would say that it was an average movie with all the content well presented. The performance is given by makkhi movie cast crew including Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Sudip and Aditya. Even after amazing performances given by the cast, the movie was a below average earner.

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Ss Raj rajmauli makkhi movie Director has tried his hands on Bollywood cinema by releasing the Telugu movie eega in Hindi dubbed version as Makkhi. Watch the full movie online and state your reviews that the market should be hit or flop. SsRajamouli has already given some of the best superhit movies like Magadheera Baahubali and rrr.

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