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Onlyjayus Tiktok Star, Wiki, Pics, Bio

Onlyjayus Nsfw is a well-known model, Instagram star and songwriter of the USA. She stands out of the crowd because of her tall, long personality and beautiful facecut. The Instagram personality has millions of followers because of a different style and outstanding performances. The enormous fan following of the woman over the social media handles has made her famous very shortly. Onlyjayus sexy photos and videos are filled with engaging content. For her, sky’s the limit.

Onlyjayus leaked Wiki

Onlyjayus real name is Isabella. She is a citizen of Las Vegas NashVille in the USA. As of 2019, Onlyjayus age is just 20 years with millions of fans already. Born on 12th of April 1999, areas is her zodiac sign. Her amazing recordings and selective content makes her the all-time favorite model and YouTuber. She has a mainstream channel which was started back in 2016. Till now, she’s working as an online networking influencer and a fitness enthusiast. Her brand promotions are the main source of her income apart from social media handles.

Onlyjayus height is around 6 feet 2 inch and her weight is 63 KG. She is a young, beautiful and very tall personality with an amazing build. Her blue eyes and long blonde hair make her an alluring and a very smart character. Talking about Onlyjayus boyfriend, she is not known to be in a relationship with any boy. Onlyjayus Girlfriend Is recently introduced in one of her videos over the tick-tock. She was found talking about the love of her life in one of the videos which revealed that she is a lesbian.

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Who is Onlyjayus dating?

Onlyjayus relationship was confirmed right there when the YouTuber personality uploaded the content. Hailey is the name of her girlfriend and she often keeps posting pictures with her. Every now and then, she wants her followers to support her in her love life.

Who is Onlyjayus dating

Onlyjayus carrier and success

With more than 17 million followers, Onlyjayus always creates

sensational videos. The Netflix podcast – know it all was very famous. She Eventually got many Followers after that.

Onlyjayus life journey has not been very uniform and easy. She was fired from one of early jobs after which she started making TikTok videos. She was not aware where she would finally land before initiating the career as a social media and to answer. Luckily, people started liking her and many followed her immediately. Within just a few months, her fan following grew from 100000 to 1000000. The numbers were definitely incredible and motivating for her. She continued to upload videos five times a day and decided to take things more seriously. She saw TikTok as a growing opportunity to make money.

Currently Onlyjayus is earning in millions despite being very young in age. Her differentiated Approach to create videos on Netflix, tick-tock and other social media handles made her an overnight sensation. It was 14th of feb 2020 when she officially announced her relationship with Haley. There was a mixed reaction after the upload.

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Onlyjayus nip slip videos

Onlyjayus XXX videos online are very hot and filled with sexual content. If you have time to watch Onlyjayus hot videos, you would simply like to keep repeating them again and again. The viral shorts from the famous YouTuber cover up much content that leaves the audience craving for more. Onlyjayus onlyfans are not there at all. However, her nude uploads often get much attention over Twitter and Instagram and tick-tock. The Onlyjayus leaked nudes include bikini pictures and hot photos.

Onlyjayus Controversy

Recently Onlyjayus got into trouble after she leaked Old chats where she was found to be racial and anti-gay. There was a huge rage amongst her followers and she had to apologize for such an incident. Onlyjayus racist statements were very painful and unexpected. The famous tick-tock star is always known to create light-hearted videos. She began posting back in 2016 and became a sensation by the end of 2019. She could expect that her anti-gay slurs would become so viral. She got a backslash from the audience on her derogatory statements.

Onlyjayus drama and news kept on becoming viral after that. She officially wrote an apology letter in which she heartly pleaded for forgiveness from her fans. The screenshots were real and the fans knew how angry and hateful she could be. Defending herself further, Onlyjayus said that all the screenshots were the reflection of her past and have nothing to do with our current personality. She repeatedly apologized and begged for forgiveness from her followers.

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